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With over 27 years of unparalleled experience using both sound and vision, DJ Kos creates an extraordinary multimedia journey that surpasses anything you've ever heard or seen.

Since the age of 16, DJ Kos has astounded crowds and impressed critics with his mesmerizing turntable skills. DJ Kos is known for cutting tracks at lightning speeds, layering tracks on top of tracks, and turning simple and standard grooves into fresh, hypnotic blends that keep the dance floor bumpin' all night long.

Not surprisingly, when DJ Kos isn't performing, he spends his time mixing and editing. Since everything he plays is custom made, his audio/video re-edits always fit seamlessly together. And when you least expect it, DJ Kos will put a smile on your face by dropping humorous or ironic music samples, or clever video clips, that emulate either the lyrical content or the energy of the music he is playing.

His ability to connect with the crowd, both musically and visually, is enhanced by his excellent mixing and scratching skills. Because DJ Kos customizes each and every performance with his music video edits, he is able to give the crowds different shows each and every time he takes the stage. The combination of technology employed in each performance gives DJ Kos a unique opportunity to fully express himself as an artist, and his electrifying music video edits continue to light up screens and dance floors all over the world.

When you book DJ Kos for your venue or event, you can be sure he will rock the party all night long. His performances create levels of excitement that are simply contagious, and that is why he stands apart from the rest. A DJ Kos performance is truly an indescribable experience.

DJ Kos Short Biography 2011 from DJ Kos on Vimeo.



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